Gtech Oils

The group has a significant interest in the automotive lubricant oils company Gtech Oils . Gtech Oils operates six distribution  Stores in Zimbabwe .


Gwt has invested in Mining through  Atser. We exploit mineral resources at the same time striving to benefit the local community.


Through Ggas we are one of  Zimbabwe ‘s largest marketer of LPG gas. We provide LPG gas for home and business customers.

About Us

GWT Power was founded by Mr. Grant Chitate in 2017. Through ingenuity, vision, value engineering, and effective management, the Group expanded into the successful logistics, energy, automotive reseller, and automotive lubricants distributing company it is today. The extraordinary growth of the portfolio (all of which was developed in-house) is a result of a deep and unparalleled understanding of all facets associated with the logistics, energy, and automotive industry in Zimbabwe and South Africa. This way of work resulted in significant cost savings being realized whilst maintaining the highest standards of sustainable growth of the group.

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